Reviews for Replicas ( 2018 ) 720p

Flawed but Highly Entertaining

By: claudio_carvalho
In Puerto Rico, the scientist Will Foster (Keanu Reeves) is researching the transference of the brain memories of soldiers to a synthetic body in the laboratory where he works with his partner and friend Ed (Thomas Middleditch). The experiment does not work and the body is rejected by the donors, and the manager Jones (John Ortiz) is pressing Will telling that the government will shut down the experiment. While traveling with his family to Ed′s boat in a stormy night, Will has a car accident on the road and his beloved wife Mona (Alice Eve) and their three children die. Will calls Ed and convinces him to develop clones of his family members to transfer their memories. They have only four pods and the youngest daughter is sacrificed. Now Will needs to make his experiment work since he will not have a second chance.

"Replicas" is a flawed but highly entertaining sci-fi thriller. The screenplay has flaws but the film is worthwhile watching, with the always good Keanu Reeves and Alice Eve. If the viewer watches "Replicas" with few expectations he or she may enjoy this film. My vote is seven.

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Saw This for Free, Still Want Refund

By: umimelectric
I read the mediocre reviews here and thought, yeah I like sci-fi, I'll give it a try anyway. I saw this for free and I still want a refund.

It's exceptionally bad and Reeves does a fine job of making it even worse. Wooden, emotionless acting by everyone involved. I could determine the exact moment the cast realized that this was rubbish and decided to phone it in the rest of the way. Unnecessarily dark story as it makes a total mockery of grief and loss. 2/10

Interesting ideas that falls short in laughable script, performances, and forgettable direction.

By: cruise01
Replicas (3 out of 5 stars).

Replicas is a decent science fiction thriller that has some interesting concept and ideas but falls short from a terrible script, logic, and dull performances. Without trying to give away many spoilers. William (Keanu Reeves) works for a biomedical research in trying to transfer a mind of a dead person into an android. After an failed attempt. William's wife Mona (Alice Eve), his son Matt (Emjay Anthony), Sophie (Emily Alyn Lind), and Zoe (Aria Leabu) are involved an accident. William becomes a mad scientist that will do whatever it takes to save his family.

The film could have been so much more. It has an interesting concept at play such as cloning a human being and transferring their minds into the new body. Also some scary ideas of deleting memories. William becomes a mad scientist that wants to go beyond the laws of nature to save his family. He steals the lab equipment and has it set in his basement. Even his coworker/ friend Ed (Thomas Middleditch) becomes worried of Williams obsession in his research.

Sadly, the film does have its fault. It has questionable cgi/visual effects that looks terrible. Especially on the scene with the android coming to life. Looks like a bad Claymation. Second, the script has some laughable dialogue that seems out of place or unbelievable. The first hour of the movie is dull and boring when just watching Keanu Reeve's mad scientists behavior with his experiments. Sure, his actions does get a little messed up and may have trouble trying to find emotions to the character.

Keanu Reeves did deliver an emotionless mad scientist in this film. Sure, it may work for his performance as a one dimensional type of character. Alice Eve was decent as her character. Thomas Middleditch was okay as well. And John Ortiz playing the typical corporate bad guy was forgettable.

Overall, Replicas is a fair film. It has some entertaining science fiction moments with the concept after the first hour of the movie. The script and visual effects are bad. The performances are stale. This film does not rank up to being a memorable science fiction type of movie.

so this could have been a decent movie

By: l-s-rosenblum
Replicas could have been a movie about a cautionary tale of playing God or the hubris of science without understanding how it might be used or just a horror story of a science project gone wrong. But instead this is an awful story about a man who brings back his wife and kids from the dead and then has to fight the big evil corporation to save them again. Don't waste your time

Don't hold your breath for any awards

By: Sbjenks
Weak acting, weak screenplay, weak directing....and $8.00 for popcorn. Pretty much a lost evening.

Excellent premise, lousy execution

By: jwwalrath-227-85487
In Replicas, Keanu Reeves is a scientist working for a company in a South American country focusing on cloning and trying to preserve the human mind on a computer. This turns out to be super convenient as the scientist loses his wife and kids in a car crash. Grief-stricken, he clones their bodies and transfers their consciousnesses (as one does). What results is a surprisingly amateurish effort considering the lead.

The dialogue is pretty weak. People do things that don't feel natural. Weirdly enough, the movie explains certain things pretty thoroughly and interestingly, such as the whole lazarus/rebirth process, while other plot points are just revealed abruptly and sloppily.

The acting doesn't help things either. Keanu is on autopilot here. The guy who plays his boss is hit-and-miss. But it's Alice Eve (She's Out of my League; Star Trek into Darkness) who has the worst performance. She acts like an animatronic. (And yes this is even before the cloning. It isn't a something-went-wrong-type situation.) She has two facial expressions: slightly happy and slightly worried. On the plus side, Silicon Valley's Ben Middleditch is the only one who manages to make all the dialogue work. My hat off to him.

It's sad that this movie was botched so badly because the actual general story could have worked. The concepts they explore here are fun and fascinating. A lot of thought did go into how they brought the family back.

To it's credit, the film does look really good. It has excellent color use and picturesque filming locations.

Overall, this is a bad film, but I wouldn't say it was downright painful. I didn't leave regretting having watched it. If you like making fun of bad movies, then you might want to check this out. Otherwise, I can't recommend this.

Thriller from beginning to end

By: JuiceZee
I find Keanu chooses interesting scripts and this movie added nicely to his filmography. Exciting with a very believable concept of human cloning and transferrance of consciousness. Several unexpected twists that I did not see coming. I was glued to the big screen from beginning to end. Maybe closed my eyes for that car crash and one other moment. Even knowing how it turns out will not stop me from viewing Replicas again. Keanu is brilliant at dragging me kicking and screaming out of my own mind and into his vastly capable imagination. This emotional rollercoaster seemed utterly believable to me. I came out of the theater energized by a strangely satisfying ending. Anyone trashing this movie is without a sense of imagination and wonder and who needs them anyway?

Underrated movie

By: mohammed-alzadjali
I don't understand why most people are harsh on this movie. The idea of the movie is great and well done in my opinion. Yes, it's nothing against big budget movies but it was a good movie. I just wish if there was more action and story behind the movie. It felt like it was quick.

Not bad, not bad at all

By: homeflash
When you are looking for a new concept, a new idea of sci fi movie, this may be it.

Besides, the idea of "copying" or the title says it all "Replicaa", this movie offers something to think about.

1. Decision making - When it comes to decision making, do we think about others,, do we think about the consequence your own self2. What happened to soul? Do we all live with conscience and body without soul?3. Ever wonder people will keep on living if we can store conscience?

Sci-fi revived!

By: zep-11
The bad reviews of this movie makes no sense. It's a good flick!It's not Oscar material, but the script works, it's thrilling and has excellent CGI.It's a good story! And it avoids the same old dilemma/ethical crap we're so used to from this genre. What a relief! Science fiction lives again! Yahoo!

Marginal attempt at making a movie

By: rutaguer-06355
Poor screenplay, off and on editing, marginal CGI. Was this a movie simply to make some money? It even seemed as though Keanu wasn't being paid enough to act for much of the movie. Too bad as the premise seemed worthy of a good movie.

WTH did I just watch?!

By: bamamama1982
OMG this movie sux. I never realized how terrible of an actor Keana was but seriously was this movie written by a kid? Anyone w/an IQ over 100 would realize this is BS. I cannot believe I sat through it waiting for it to get better. It doesnt

amazing movie

By: enosoft
I like this movie, the subject of the film is great.

REPLICAS is a Comedy, a Travesty, a Parody of itself

By: PurpleCrayon2014
REPLICAS-Starring Keanu ReevesThis is a Comedy, a Travesty, a Parody of itself.Replicas breaks a Keanu Reeves cardinal rule-Never go outside with him when it rains

Oh, this is a bad movie culminated by the bravadoShakespearean delivery that only Keanu can deliver.The concept of this film is poor, the execution ofthe concept just sucks.

Judge for yourself!

By: sbutler-47880
This movie is not the best but it's definitely not the worst. If you are a person who enjoys watching movies without criticizing every little detail I think you'll enjoy it. I did laugh at the CGI but the rest of the movie was good. Those that are rating is it low are being really harsh. The only way you will know if you like it is if you give it a try.

Flawed in many ways, but I still enjoyed it.

By: TheTopDawg
The major issue with the film was the writing - the screenplay written by novice Chad St. John (this being his 2nd only screenplay), and the story by a novice Stephen Hamel (this being only his 3rd full length film).

The camera directing was fairly decent from Jeffrey Nachmanoff (this being only his 4th full length feature film, his experience mainly in TV series), but I feel he failed in directing his talent properly, especially Alice Eve, who was unconvincing and seemed like this was her first acting role.

The S/VFX weren't the greatest, but for a B-grade film low budget film, they were quite adequate - not sure what some of the haters are whining about.

It seems that the production itself was a little cheap (thus B-grade), perhaps meant to be a low budget (indie?) film. After all, it was purchased by Entertainment Studios for only 4m.

As a huge fan of Keanu Reeves, I feel he should have just stayed on as 1 of the *gulp* 27 producers, and cast someone more fitting as a scientist. I think many decisions couldn't have been easily agreed upon with that many producers.

The casting was terrible overall. Security guys with pony tails and sunglasses? The acting again wasn't as good as I expected, but I think that was the directors fault as I mentioned above. The only convincing lead was Thomas Middleditch.

As a low budget B-grade film, and although there is a lot of haters out there, it was still decent enough and it kept me pinned to the screen. Had the writing been tighter, directing better, and cast a little differently, then this would have been a hit.

Nevertheless, it was still entertaining and I enjoyed it. Not worth the hater's low scores, nor the fake 10's, but it's an honest 8/10 from me - taking into consideration it was a low budget B-grade film.

Acting terrible but kept me watching

By: garrymaclachlan-78415
I've seen some terrible acting in my life but this film really excels in that field. Expressionless faces, monotone voices. Robotic acting (no pun intended) and I'm not talking about any replicas.

Surprisingly I was able to look past all of this waiting to see where the plot was going as the storyline had me gripped.

so bad it makes you weep watching it....

By: filipmail
Please be warn, save yourself 90 min, have a nap or walk, don't waste your time on this. Shame, actors cannot save that B movie flick. It is made in Mexico, terribly directed, no screenplay, poor story...I mean, besides Keanu there is nothing there, just empty void....please who gives me back 90 min of my life wasted????:(

Not sure how to begin..

By: jayg_58
Keanu is fine in action flicks with little dialog. This was not one of those. He can't act. He never could. When he plays a lawyer or scientist, he's still a surfer dude with no expression and bad diction. The many close ups in this movie also show that he has a home supply of Botox. The "science" in this movie - isn't. In fact out of the blue we jump from cyborgs to cloning with no segue. Somehow he moves an entire laboratory into his basement overnight with no one noticing? The one shot of people pulling up to the lab makes it seem like it's a condo in a suburban neighborhood. The whole movie is jaw dropping ridiculous. You have one A lister, and two B listers. I only kept watching out of disbelief, nothing better to do at the moment, and some good production values. Script? Nah. Acting? The Keanu School - dude. The plot? Well, they tell you in the movie blurb he loses his family and decides to clone them. In 3 weeks, he steals all the government equipment, and totally changes all the research done to that point. And he loves the word "algorhythm". The ending makes Disney look dark. Please, go check the fridge for a beer instead. The 10 reviews? Keanu has friends.

Terrible acting and terrible plot line

By: Ginsengjin
There are scifi movies where you can just suspend disbelief because the story telling is so good. This is not that movie. Replicas is filled with glaring loop holes that gets more ridiculous by the minute and the unnatural dialogue in combination with poor acting really makes it hard to be immersed in the story that they've created. In terms of quality, this movie feels like a direct to DVD release and not a hollywood featured film. I really have a hard time believing any of these positive reviews are not paid comments.
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