Reviews for Bird Box ( 2018 ) 1080p

For those who don't understand the bad reviews

By: richi-gonda
I mean come on people, really?

This movie wasn't bad because it has unanswered questions, I'll give you that. I'm okay with not having answers - especially because why shoud we? Do people think if something like this ever happened (which I know it won't, but still), we would have answers? That is definitely not the problem. Without any answers, there still could have been scary or shocking moments, action, character development.

The problem is this movie is just pointless. There are no interesting characters, there are no scary or shocking moments, there is limited and dumb action, no character development, nothing. I'ts really just 2 hours of nothing.

I have seen reviews here before watching, but I thought there is so much hype, it can't be that bad. IT IS. I mean should this be a horror movie? Drama? Sc-Fi? I just couldn't tell, becuase it is none of those. It's just a bad movie.

To anyone with a little sense for the genre or movies in general, just don't waste 2 hours of your valuable time.

Also, I don't care that it's based on a book. It's either a bad adaptation or a really bad book. Maybe both. But after this movie, I'm definitely not reading the book.

Some people don't mind the mystery.

By: SkittlesButterface
The most common complaint I'm reading from user critics here is the lack of answers at the end of the movie. However, if we're meant to be seeing everything unfold from Malorie's point of view, it makes perfect sense that we would know as little as she does. I thought the ending was lovely. Not every single film needs to give answers to every little thing.

Apparently, I can't vote 0

By: jeffreytschaefer
I'm sorry for the director?This movie is visually appealing.That is it.The dialog is appalling.The characters are not relatable.I wanted to give this movie a chance and kind of want my 2 hours back...

Bird Sh.....T

By: Marc_cab32
Another bomb by Netflix. These babies are adding up. This movie is putrid. The entire film is made up of "there's no way that could happen" moments. Besides Sandra B, who wasted good talents on this nonsense, acting is terrible. Add in that cast is run of the mill force fed political correctness. The survivors are made up a gay Asian, an Indian, Hispanic, couple of black dudes, fat white chick, mean white guy and Sandra B. The dozen or so bad guys are all white dudes. Typical Saturday night network tv casting. Regardless, the movie would have been pathetically bad even with different casting.

Horror make-up

By: manuelportioli
Well, at least everyone had a fair share of make-up on their faces throughout this dreadfully exhausted post-apocalyptic nonsense.

(Mostly) A Bore

By: ianwarefilms
After hearing about Bird Box being terrifying, I had to check it out. Unfortunately, I feel pretty let down. I wouldn't say it's a "bad" film - the acting is great and the premise is cool(even if it borrows heavily from The Happening). It's just that it never really reaches its potential.

Don't Believe The Hype

By: MickeyTheConstant
After reading numerous, positive reviews, the wife and I tuned into this one, eager to see what the hype was all about. We were expecting something really scary and suspenseful but were very disappointed. To me it seemed like a rip off, of the vastly superior 'A Quiet Place'. In that movie we were really rooting for the family involved but in Bird Box I didn't really care. I normally like Bullock but in this movie I found her really unlikable and felt sorry for the two kids and others stuck with her. She shouts, winges and gives everyone pretty much a hard time. There is a point in the movie when the ever reliable John Malkovich is holding a gun or something and I just want him to actually finish most of those with him off and let the apocalypse take its course. They are all in his house moaning at him and the wife was very much 'it's his house and he let you in to save you so stop giving him grief or do one'. I had to agree with her. I really do like an apocalyptic movie but there are so many better movies out there that offer more scares and suspense. Worth a watch but don't expect too much originality or satisfaction at the end of it.

What movie are you people watching?

By: zach0308
If you have seen The Happening, you have LITERALLY seen the exact same movie. Irrational, annoying and irrelevant characters you never care about. The fact that people are giving this a 10 put of 10 makes me realize that we truly are living in the dumbest timeline. 2018 cant end soon enough.

You Won't Believe it's Netflix

By: morgnjae
This is the best produced movie I've seen come from Netflix. I would have paid money to see this in theaters. Are there similarities with A Quiet Place, sure. Does it detract anything from either movie, not in the least.

Pretty good

By: BabyIDontCare
I enjoyed this movie. It kept me from looking at my phone for two hours. What I don't understand is the griping from reviewers here that nothing was explained. Why do you need it explained? The characters don't know what the presence is, so why should we? The characters don't know why it happened, so why should we? Ignore the 5 star and under reviews and give the film a chance.

Lacks substance

By: ronievonbio
This movie has a decent premise, kinda similar to "the happening"s , but feels too artificial and unconvincing.It's ok If a movie doesn't explain everything and leaves a few questions unanswered. But this movie doesn't Care to explain anything, nor even develops its caracteres.I watched It til the end only because of Sandra Bullock (which probably costed 70% of the film's budget) and cause I had enough beer.

Too long and pointless.

By: Amyth47
My Rating : 2/10

The buildup of tension in the first half is pretty nice however why is there no explanation of the creatures?! That's a real dealbreaker for me. As a viewer we are not given any closure what it is EXACTLY that the characters are running from or staying blindfolded from.

At 2 hours it's much too long and boring. I don't recommend this movie to anyone.

A Waste of Time

By: brandongusa
The plot is scattered. The characters are generic and cheesy.

It's one of those films where you're constantly waiting for it to get good, and then the credits roll.

Sitting through this made me realize how lucky I am to have a normal job. It must be hard for people who live off of giving movie reviews if they have to encounter a movie like this on a regular basis.

What a piece of crap

By: spgounaris
The only thing good with this movie is that it is on Netflix and you don't have to pay (extra) as you can watch it in your standard subscription suffering only the wast of your time!! Had I paid to watch this I would feel totally stupid

Awesome Netflix!!

By: rashadjc
I never leave movie reviews but I have to leave a review for Bird Box. This was hands down the best movie I've ever seen on Netflix! I would have paid money to see this in a theater.

Some things you can't un-see

By: bpthom-135-461472
Plot makes no sense.. so many plot holes and blindfolds..


Complete tragedy!!

By: ranjit_s
Complete waste of 2 hours I'll never get back. How did this film ever get released? There was no explanation to any of it!

Someone summed it up perfectly, should have watched it with blind folds as well lol.

Excellent film,I do not understand the negative reviews.

By: elfmish
I don't normally review films, but I had to put the negative comments to rest.this story is told beautifully, it is well acted, not just by Sandra Bullock .. although she is amazing, but by all the cast, the character build up is top notch, the story does not leave you in the dark as others have commented, and the ending is perfect.solid 9/10

Anybody ever see The Happening???

By: tinhorse
Some people are comparing this movie to 'a quiet place' I get that since The enemy is never truly see in the movie. Also you do have to cover your eyes here, and of course the premises and a quiet place was you couldn't speak. But I was wondering if anyone ever seen 'the happenings' with Mark Wahlberg. This movie was generally the same premise, but much better executed and at a much better pace.Very enjoyable, and worth watching.

Great post-apocalytic movie!

By: potipiroon
I was sucked right into the movie since the first ten minutes. I like the fact that there were a lot of flashbacks into what was happening when the plague (or whatever you want to call it) was taking place. The acting was great and credible. Highly recommended!
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